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To bring professional-level productions at proletariat prices.

Theatre is not for the few but the many!  

Overpriced entertainment often priced out of reach of a normal night out whittle down the audience. Couple this with the competition of inexpensive distractions available to us all and it is obvious why seats are unfilled - when public performance is available.

Porpentine Players seek to redress this imbalance and bring human interaction back to the everyday life of all!


Ronald Nelson Lacey

Ronald Nelson Lacey is a founding member of The Porpentine Players and delighted to be working with such a talented cast and director.  He has performed with a number of companies in the Eastern Massachusetts area, including Apollinaire Theatre Company, the Provincetown Theater, Fort Point Theatre Channel, the Bay Colony Shakespeare Company, and Fresh Ink Theatre.  Favorite roles include Gaveston in Marlowe’s “Edward II,” Claudius and the Ghost in “Hamlet,” and Astrov in “Uncle Vanya” (2012 Elliot Norton nomination, Outstanding Actor).  He will appear this spring in Happy Medium Theatre Company’s production of “Leb-ensraum.”

Sharon Lacey

Sharon Lacey is a painter based in Somerville, MA. She teaches Drawing for Designers at MIT in the Department of Music and Theater Arts and various painting courses in Boston College's Department of Art, Art History, and Film. She earned graduate degrees in both studio art and book history from the University of London (2011) and the New York Academy of Art (2001). Sharon’s art training has primarily focused on traditional techniques and materials, with particular emphasis on the human figure. She has worked on set design, graphics, costumes, and makeup for performing arts troupe Toujours L’Amour, the Anarchist Society of Shakespeareans, Theatre@First, and Porpentine Players. 


Jon Taie attended school on both coasts eventually graduating from the College of Charleston in South Carolina with a degree in the Theatre Arts and moved to Boston in 2008.

He last appeared as Shakespeare in "The Dark Lady of the Sonnets", Angelo in "Measure for Measure" and Peter Quince in "A Midsummer Night’s Dream".

Recent voice work includes Joe in "The Man of the Mountain...", as part of the Republic of Camberville series.

During his time off, he enjoys hand modeling for The Local Palate a Charleston, SC based food magazine. He is grateful to have found such a band of hard working, talented and lovely, just lovely people to work with both on and off stage.